Owner Finance 101

    Austin property owners like owner financing because they can make money upfront, in some cases cash flow monthly and collect the equity when the buyers refinance without all the hassles and liabilities that come with being a landlord. Although, the main benefit of purchasing a home with owner financing is that the buyer will now be able to obtain a loan for a house when they previously could not.

    There is a ton of misinformation floating around about owner financing and how it works in real estate. Many real estate professionals think it’s illegal, which originates more from ignorance about the owner finance process rather than the reality itself. There are also a lot of non-licensed investors and licensed professionals alike who think they know how to complete the owner finance process. In all actuality, they are putting buyers and sellers in a VERY high risk situation by cutting corners and not fully knowing how to legally structure an owner financing transaction. Entrusting your hard earned money with anyone other than the owner finance experts at Forte Properties might be a gamble. This is a bet that no buyer or seller can afford to lose.

    Interested in owner financing or have questions about how it works with Greater Austin real estate?
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