Buyers: Do You Qualify for Owner Financing?

    • Do you have at least 10% of the purchase price saved for a down payment?
    • Do you have the income to support monthly payment including taxes and insurance?
    • Are you ready to let Forte Properties help turn your dream of home-ownership to reality?

    If you can answer “Yes” to the 3 questions above, you are an APPROVED candidate for owner financing!

    Expected Terms for Owner Financed Real Estate

    Purchasing an owner financed home is the same as purchasing with traditional financing in regards to submitting offers, negotiations, having an attorney draft the closing documents and closing at a title company. The seller or the real estate agent that is representing them generally will not disclose what they will accept for the home in terms of sales price, interest rate, length of financing and other miscellaneous concessions. Our Certified Negotiation Experts® will help you put together a fair, comfortable and informed offer to ensure you receive the absolute best deal possible on your new home. This is all part of our FREE owner financed home buyer representation service!

    Did you know you can purchase an owner financed home even if you are:

    • self employed
    • dealing with many past credit issues (i.e. late payments)
    • on fixed income such as retirement or disability
    • filed a recent bankruptcy
    • in active or have had a past foreclosure(s)
    • or recently started a new job with little income history

    Have questions about the requirements needed to purchase an owner financed home in the Austin area?
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