FREE Austin Area Home Buyer Representation

    Buyer Representation has been around for many years. Yet many people are not aware of the benefits of having your own REALTOR® when searching for a new home. Some people still run around calling many different agencies to set up appointments with the listing agents to see the house. It is very important to know that the listing agent only has the best interests of the seller in mind, not the buyer. Consequently, it is better to have your own representation when house hunting and Forte Properties provides this service for free.

    As your real estate agent, we work for you, as your principal, and only you, representing your best interests in the purchase of your next home or investment property in the Austin area. All duties are fiduciary which means these duties are owned exclusively to you as the home buyer, not the seller.

    Buyer Representation: What Our Team Can Do For You

    • We provide unrestricted access to many comprehensive Austin home search tools right here at This fully automated website updates with new listings multiple times per day so you know exactly what’s on the Austin real estate market (including owner financed homes) 24 hours a day – 365 days a year;
    • We can help you find the right home for you, without the legal obligations and financial enticements that most agents have to promote and sell specific seller’s homes;
    • We help you with the paperwork, preparing the proper documents to protect your interest in your transaction and making sure that clauses that protect you are built into your offers to purchase;
    • We tell you what true comparable homes are selling for, not just homes that justify the seller’s asking price;
    • We keep you informed during your transaction by communicating with you in the ways you want to be communicated to;
    • We protect your best interest at all times – not the seller’s;
    • We use our Certified Negotiation Expert™ training to negotiate strongly on your behalf throughout your transaction;
    • We can help you evaluate financing options, including evaluating different lenders and loan types including the owner financing option, determining how much home you can afford and finding and arranging financing so you can make the best financial decision;
    • We have no conflict of interest or divided loyalties with sellers. We ALWAYS represent the best interest of our home buying clients.