Why Choose Austin Owner Finance

    Why should you choose Austin Owner Finance when choosing a home in this area? The answer is an easy one in that Owner Financed Homes Austin offer more opportunity for buyers who may be able to afford to make mortgage payments but who cannot qualify for a bank loan. It is very difficult today for anyone to qualify for a bank loan for a house because the banks are not lending money for loans. Traditional means of getting a loan through a bank were always difficult and the nation was a nation of renters because a person had to put down a great deal in order to get a mortgage. Savings and Loan institutions offered some respite but they are all pretty much gone. Mortgage lenders also suffered and sub prime loans are now a thing of the past. However, there are a great deal of people out there who are more than qualified to pay a monthly mortgage and who need a home. Furthermore, sellers are finding it difficult to get buyers because of the tight rein that the banks are keeping on financing.

    The solution is to seek out Austin Owner Finance. This allows the owner of the home to actually record a lien against the property in the same manner that a bank would do so. The buyer who gets Owner Financed Homes Austin will be making payments on a monthly basis just as they would if they were making payments to a bank. This step eliminates the need for a bank mortgage and allows both the seller and the buyer to be satisfied with the sale of the property. The seller makes out because they still are getting interest and principal payments – they can foreclose if the buyer does not pay up just as is the case with a regular bank. The buyer gets to own property that they might not otherwise qualify to get a mortgage for and makes payments in the same way that they would if they got a bank mortgage. (See qualifications to buy an Owner Financed home.)The buyer is responsible for the upkeep of the house and taxes as they are the actual owner. The original owner is actually the mortgagor and only steps in if the buyer defaults on the loan. Then they have the same legal remedies that banks have open to them in case of a default.

    Just because there are not too many ways to get a mortgage these days is no reason for people to think that they cannot afford to buy a home or that they cannot afford to sell a home. People just have to work towards a solution that will basically give the same benefits to the buyer and seller as a traditional sale. The ideal sellers for Owner Financing have already paid off the house and do not need a huge lump sum of money from the home but are willing to take it over a period of time. The seller actually gets more for the property this way because of the interest and the buyer gets to buy a home that they will not otherwise qualify for if they relied on a bank loan in order to make a purchase. (See benefits of Owner Financing real estate for sellers and buyers.)

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