What To Know About Austin Owner Financed Homes

    There are some things that you should know and understand about Austin Owner Financed homes. The first thing that you need to comprehend is that Austin Owner Finance means that the owner will finance the home like a bank. It does not mean that you are renting the home from the seller. A person who buys the home from the seller gets all of the entitlements of ownership that come along with owning a piece of property. The only difference is that you have to pay the seller or third party loan servicing company instead of the bank each month for the mortgage.

    Anyone can offer a mortgage to someone else when they want them to buy their property. This is a very old concept that has been brought into a new light because of the current real estate situation. Banks are not in the position to lend money to those who want a mortgage. Ten years ago, ads for mortgages were all over the place with promises to even have a decision in a day or so.

    Things have changed, banks are not lending. Even though the interest rates are lower than ever, the banks cannot lend the money to anyone who wants it. They are being very careful and only those who can afford to pay at least twenty percent down and have impeccable credit are even being considered for mortgage. But sellers can finance simply by recording a mortgage and note against the property. This is the same thing a bank will do when you get a mortgage from them. The buyer is then under the obligation via the terms of the mortgage. The note secures the mortgage and both are legally binding. A buyer just has to go along with the terms of the mortgage that they have agreed to with the seller and they own their house.  The seller cannot change their mind and come in and kick the buyer out. They have to abide by the terms of the mortgage as well. If the buyer does not pay the mortgage, the mortgage holder (who was once the seller but is now the mortgage holder because they sold the property to the buyer who is now the owner) can foreclose. Just like a bank.

    Austin Owner Financed homes are the way to go for both sellers who want to get a good return on investment with the interest that they charge for financing, and buyers who want to be able to take advantage of the many bargains that are out there in the real estate market but cannot get a conventional loan from a bank. Those who have about ten percent down can work out a deal for Austin Owner Finance with a seller through a real estate company that will help them locate the homes that the sellers are willing to finance and then represent them in the transaction. This is an easy way for anyone to get a home on credit without having to go through a bank. Those who are looking for home ownership but are frustrated because they cannot get a mortgage from a bank can get what they want when they use this type of financing and contact Forte Properties in Austin, TX.

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