Staging Your Home For Sale: It's Worth It!

    Real estate staging is the art and science of preparing a home to be sold by increasing its appeal to the largest number of prospective buyers. This is accomplished through several distinctive techniques and staging strategies:

    • Neutralize and de-personalize taste-specific décor so as to reduce the present owner’s style footprint on the property.
    • Declutter and organize the living spaces to make them appear larger and more usable.
    • Develop a palate of appealing colors which will attract most buyers.
    • Improve curb appeal and exterior landscaping.
    • Draw attention to the fine positive details of a home and camouflage the less desirable aspects of a property.
    • Institute correct proportion of furniture and accessories throughout the home to balance the overall impact of the space.

    There are three main ways of applying home staging techniques to your home:

    1. You can go the DIY staging route. This means that you will plan the changes which need to be done, using knowledge gained through home staging shows, books or magazine articles. You will also do all the work yourself and hope for a good result. This is usually the cheapest way to stage a property, but also the least effective, unless you possess excellent decorating and design skills.
    2. You can hire a home staging consultant to assist you. A staging consultant will provide you with a roadmap of the exact things you need to do in order to make your home look great and sell fast and profitably. Staging consultants typically do not do the work themselves, but instead provide you with the knowledge and advice to facilitate some sweat equity staging for maximum return on investment. The added benefit of home staging consultants is that they can check on your work before the property is actually listed, to be sure everything is in order. This is a popular option for many sellers and provides the best results for the least cost… a nice compromise solution.
    3. Hiring a professional full service home stager or staging company who will do EVERYTHING for you is the most expensive way to prepare your Austin home for sale. This method usually entails having to buy or rent furniture and accessories, while your own personal property is placed in storage or sold. Additionally, many families find the demanding criteria imposed by their stagers a bit difficult to live with, especially with children and pets. This is especially true when the housing market is slow and the home may remain in the market for months and must always be in MUSEUM condition. This is obviously the most expensive method of www.

    Real estate home staging is becoming as common as open houses, for sale signs or print advertising. In essence, staging has found a permanent niche in the real estate industry and seems to be growing by leaps and bounds year over year. Home staging is a virtual requirement for any salable property.

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    • Michael @ The Stage Coach

      Written on

      Hi, Chris!
      Great article on options for home staging… Too many times people automatically think of replacing all of the furniture with the Stager’s inventory. Most often, it only takes a commitment from the sellers and a weekend of their time. Item #2 is the most popular option – get a professional in to pick their brain, and do the work yourself! Any home stager worth their value will give you access to their entire knowledge base. And offer to help for a reasonable fee, of course!


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