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    Seller's Agenda When Selling Austin Real Estate

    Selling a home in Austin is stressful. I can’t remember a time I’ve talked to a homeowner who’s gone through the process completely unfazed – probably because I’ve never met one. Sellers have a large number of things to keep in mind when they enter the market. Some of these are obvious (clean your house), others, less so. Here, we’ll talk about each of these, and a few other things Austin home sellers have to keep in mind if they want to be successful.

    Presentation is everything! As a seller, you’re advertising your house every time you allow a buyer in. While many people seem to be okay with the idea of allowing guests to step into a house for sale in its “normal” state (and while many buyers are okay with this organic view of the home), it’s probably not a great idea from the standpoint of marketing. Sure, this way your potential buyers get to see how the house is used and you get to seem more like a person to them. But neither of these things matters that much. When prospective buyers see the home, it should be clean. Extremely clean. They’ll figure out how to use it, and you can be friends later. For now, present the house in a way that it sells itself: That’s the goal.

    Ensure you have a place to go when your house sells. I’ve seen a few people put their homes on the market prior to securing their second home or apartment recently, and I have to advocate against this. It seems harmless enough, but I’ve seen it go wrong many times. Several friends of mine have taken this approach and been alright with it, but I attribute this to their expertise in the market rather than to the wisdom of their execution.

    Some other people I’ve seen make this mistake didn’t fare so well, precisely because they lack sufficient experience to insure a sale at the right time. It’s usually better to assume you’ll sell later rather than sooner, but some Austin homeowners are pleasantly surprised by an immediate expression of interest. This is great, but if you’re still caught in the process of buying a new house or signing a new lease, you’re stuck in an awfully stressful race against the paperwork. Spare yourself the trouble and list when you’re secure.

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