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    3 Tips to Selling Your Austin Area House in a Down Market

    Don’t get down in a down market about selling your Austin home. You can increase your chances of selling your house in Austin quickly in a slow real estate market by taking 3 easy steps. There are more things you can do than these 3 easy steps but start here and watch your progress – are you getting more calls to see the house? You’re on the right track if that’s the case. Until it’s sold, keep on making it a better place to buy in a down market than the other homes that are just sitting there.

    Maximize your curb appeal (inside and out).

    That’s right – fix it up. Don’t spend any money if you don’t have to but spend the time making your place appear, neater, cleaner, more charming. Little touches here and there make all the difference. Trim the ugly bushes, remove the cobwebs from the front door, clean the windows – hang that missing curtain. Curb appeal brings people into your home. The more traffic you have coming through your doors the more possibilities to sell your property. Show it the loving kindness you would want to see when you’re looking to move in to someplace else.

    From the curb to the front door, to the entrance way and beyond – get your home in order. Let the outside be the first clue that this is a place to make home. But don’t stop there. Curb appeal only lasts so long. If it’s immediately anti-doted with unsightly clutter and a sense of disorder you will immediately lose your curb appeal and turn off your potential buyer. Clean it up, inside and out. A fresh coat of paint brings in more light. Don’t forget about the invisible appeal factors of pleasant smells and aromas that entice people on a whole other level. A nice throw on the couch says “home.” Be creative. Find pictures or postcards if your walls are empty. A vase of flowers, a display of books and magazines to make the living room cozy. The higher priced homes call this “www.” It’s just common sense. Your house is on stage. Get it looking right, clean and in its Sunday best.

    The (Home) Price is Right.

    Is your price the right price? If you want to sell in a down market find the price that works best for you but also meets the market. Forte Properties will also assist you in coming up with a reasonable price to list your Austin home at. Sure, your home is worth a million dollars to you, but be realistic and see what others are asking. Don’t go way above them and don’t go way below. Forte Properties knows what it will take to get more people to look. That’s what you’re after here and ultimately after selling it. So let go of your greatest expectations and get real, get it down to the market expectations and be competitive. Remember that listing your home with Owner Financing also brings in a wider set of buyers. You have to make the price right for the market or within range. Otherwise, just as you would, your potential buyers will not even stop to ask about the price and begin negotiations.

    This is the time to devise a way to market you home to the widest potential buying market. Use the resources available to you through Forte Properties and their unparalleled team of licensed Real Estate professionals and seasoned investors. We have access to pools of potential buyers and markets that you don’t. If you choose to save the commission and use that money to lower your price be prepared to deal with the need to find ways to advertise your own home. You can get creative. That’s a choice in a down market. But you might want to stick with the people that have ridden this sort of market before – check for experience, references, longevity and just ask us what sets us apart from the “other guys”. I’m sure you will be pleased with our response. Even after taking all these steps, it may still take some time to sell your house to the right buyer.

    In the end, patience is a virtue! A down market doesn’t mean there’s no market. Sales are slower and prices are lower. But if you’re prepared, and in this market being prepared is key, you can rise above the averages and sell your home with Owner Financing with the assistance of Forte Properties in Austin, TX. Part of your preparation should be patience. Keep your home ready to sell but keep your head in the patient mode. If everyone is hesitant because the economy is uncertain, provide yourself the key ingredient to succeeding in this market at this time – a home that is ready to be bought, a head that says “Give it time, it will happen.”, and the assistance from Austin’s #1 full service real estate company… Forte Properties.

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