Searching Made Easy for Luxury Homes for Sale Austin

    Austin, Texas is a bustling metropolitan which manages to attract more and more people from across the country. For your lodging needs check out the homes for sale in Austin and surrounding areas at

    Austin is the capital city of Texas. Known as the ‘Silicon Hills’, it is also the economic hub which houses a large number of companies and business offices. The soaring popularity among citizens across the state and the country, it has been rated as one of the ‘Best Places to Live’ by renowned magazines such as the ‘Money’. Though the cost of living is relatively low, Austin is known for its high-end living and luxury lifestyle. Hence, this has increased the demand of luxury homes for sale Austin.

    Luxury Neighborhoods in Austin, Texas

    Luxury properties for purchase in Austin, Texas are not new to the city. Most Realtors across the city categorize luxury homes to be priced at and above $750,000. What makes such luxury homes even more special in Austin is the fact that most of them come with a picture-perfect location – either on the foothills or beside a beautiful lake. The city houses a number of lakes such as Lady Bird Lake, Lake Austin, and Lake Travis. Most of these lakes are portions of the Colorado River and make a perfect backdrop for homes and the picturesque location makes them an expensive and exclusive bargain.

    Apart from such locations, there are few communities and subdivisions in the city which are luxury haunts of many. One such location in the city is the West Lake Hills, which is located in close proximity to the downtown area of the city. Apart from this there are subdivisions which are close to downtown Austin such as Barton Creek and Davenport Ranch while others are father out such as Rob Roy, Seven Oaks, and Spanish Oaks. Other exclusive communities include the names of Vineyard Bay, Arbolago, and Costa Bella. The southern shore of Lake Travis houses a number of luxurious real estate options such as Lakeway, Angel Bay, Coves on Lake Travis. Other luxury neighborhoods in the city are Lakecliff, Barton Creek Lakeside, and Lago Vista. Each of these neighborhoods represents Austin luxury real estate market.

    Luxury Homes For Sale Austin, Texas

    The best way to shortlist properties which suit your expensive lifestyle is to contact Forte Properties. Make sure that your real estate agent knows your budget and if there is any other specific requirement you want him or her to cater then specifically let it be known. All these make your search for perfect luxury homes for sale Austin in the state of Texas easy and convenient.

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