People Always Say Everything is Bigger in Texas

    Living in or moving to Austin, Texas is a blessing for many reasons. It’s Texas (anyone who’s ever lived in the state knows why this is a blessing), it’s warm, tejano food abounds, and everything is bigger. Seriously. The people are bigger, the egos are bigger, the steaks are bigger, and the homes are bigger. This is why Texas is such a popular place for people to settle. Land comes cheap in a state as big as some countries. But that’s just one of the reasons to favor a home in Texas – here are three big advantages to owning real estate in the Austin area.

    As we mentioned above, land comes cheaper in Texas than in most other states. This means you can get quite a bit of house for your money. Unlike places like Upstate New York or New Jersey, where big homes carry big price tags and huge property tax rates, Texas can offer you a massive plot for a modest price and at minimal tax rates. If what you’re looking for is land, Texas is the place to be: There’s nothing like a Texas-sized house at a Texan price.

    Texas is a unique state, for many reasons. It’s enormous (the second largest state in the U.S.A., after Alaska), and it’s home to more climate types than any other state. There are swamps, prairies, grasslands, deserts, and coastlines. Diversity is the name of the geological game in Texas. People love the varied landscape of Texas, and this is, in fact, one of the most popular reasons outdoorsy people retire in Texas. Some people dislike the heat, but the sun almost always charms transplant Texans – just give it a year or two.

    Many people are unaware of the fact that Austin is the capital of Texas instead of Houston or Dallas. Austin is a beautiful place to be. It is temperate, and the centralized location makes for great real estate value augmentations. It’s easy to love living in a capital city, since it’s so centrally located, and buyers and sellers alike recognize and thrive on this fact. Real estate agents in the Austin area know quite well how location in Austin can affect the value of a home, and factor this “Capital Charm” into their calculations of value and sales pitches.

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