Owner Financed Homes: Buying Without Bank Loans

    Owner financed homes can be very useful to buy in case the loan amount is not approved by the bank. It is essential that you opt for an experienced agent while going for such deals. There are several agencies in Austin providing these offer you can check the reviews before proceeding with these deals.

    Owner financed homes are the houses brought by the buyer by taking a loan directly from the seller of the house. This has become a common practice in Austin. While buying a house there are certain situations where in the buyer is unable to obtain the loan required to buy the house in such situations the owner of the house may lend the loan and the appropriate deal is made. Such a deal also arises if the buyer is unwilling to pay the huge interest rates and prefers this method of financing the deal. Owner financing usually covers only a certain part of the amount while the rest is obtained from financial institutions. (Read more about the ins-and-outs of Owner Financing.)

    FAQ’S Related to Owner Financed Homes

    What is the down payment for purchasing Owner Financed homes?

    Watch “How much down payment for Owner Financed homes?” – VIDEO) In traditional contracts the amount to be accepted as the down payment varies from zero down to 20%. However this usually depends on what is being agreed between the buyer and the seller. In certain situations no money is required as down payment as per the traditional methods. However most owner finance deals require 10-20% of the total amount as per the current standards.

    Can the buyer refinance the Owner Financed home loan?

    Yes there is option of refinancing the loan. In certain cases the loan may get approved from other sources. In such cases the buyer may decide to refinance the loan if he is getting a better rate of interest or as per his convenience. The usual period for refinance is 3-5 years as per current standards.

    How to find owner financed homes in Austin??

    Owner finance homes are easy to find these days as the concept is receiving amazing response. (Search ALL Austin Area Owner Financed Homes) It is important that you opt for a trusted real estate agent when you are searching for such deals who can assist you completely and properly with all the terms and conditions associated with such contracts. There are several real estate agencies that provide such homes in Austin, but most home buyers choose Forte Properties.

    What are the benefits of buying owner financed homes?

    There are many who are qualified buyers but are not able to obtain loans due to some reasons. In such cases this contract is very beneficial as they can fulfill their dream of buying a house even if they do not receive a loan from the bank. There are several agencies, which provide these services making the process very simple and efficient. Some other benefits include quick closing and the obvious financial gain from being a homeowner.

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