Owner Finance Homes: What Does It Mean?

    Many people may be new to the process of selling a house or other real estate in Austin, Texas with Owner Financing, but someone who is planning to sell his property under the present hard lending conditions may desire to re-acquaint himself with the basics. The Owner Finance homes concept is very easy to understand. In Owner Financing, the seller takes the bank’s role and finances the purchase of the buyer. Making the decision of providing owner financing is very difficult, because it involves a great risk for the seller in the event that the buyer ultimately defaults on the loan. Due to the slow-moving real estate market in the US, owner financing is an easy way for both buyers and sellers to make deals that could not be possible otherwise. (What is Owner Financing?)

    Some other deals are also not possible with conventional lending because the buyer has to qualify in tough credit markets or the type of transaction involved is presumed to be very risky. In some situations, the buyer does not possess sufficient funds for a down payment. In this case, to close a deal, a partial Owner Financing method is used. Moreover, Owner Financing appeals to the seller who wants to sell their property. Owner Finance homes takes less time in closing a house deal than the conventional method of financing. The seller forms a risk assessment of his/her own quicker than the conventional lender who deeply scrutinizes the property to find out the risk level. Owner Finance homes is also a striking selection for investment, offering lofty rates of return. A seller can discuss the interest rate that the buyer will pay him.

    Extra tax benefits may also be obtained through Owner Finance homes. A seller can avail certain tax advantages in terms of recognition time on the capital gain if he sets up the loan as an installment sale. He would be required to discuss the details with a Tax Advisor. Self-financing is also useful in paying either full or partial payments for the property. The terms are like conventional loans; however, the seller is free to set terms such as the interest rate and payment duration period. A seller who wants to provide Owner Financing has to record the mortgage in accordance with the Texas State Law requirements. A seller is required to purchase title insurance with the help of a title insurance company to make the exact priority for the mortgage safe.

    Usually, the overall cost of Owner Financing will depend upon the number of documents involved and their complexity. If you are in Austin, Texas, and want to buy or sell Owner Finance homes, Forte Properties is the number one choice for owner-financed deals. The process of documentation is easy. Many lawyers are available to do this. If you are interested in buying or selling owner finance homes, Forte Properties will help you in solving your problems and closing the deal.The popularity of owner financing has been increasing with the passage of time. The Texas Association of Realtors has observed this rise in the use of its propagated Seller Financing Addendum. If you are interested in selling or buying through Austin owner financing, consult Forte Properties for fast and reliable service.

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