Moving to Austin? 5 Things to Consider

    Relocating to Austin Texas is exciting for some and a headache for others. There are many reasons for this. You may move for a career opportunity, to move into a bigger home, or even to start a new life. You might be really looking forward to moving to a new area, meeting new people, and having new experiences. But if it is not carefully planned, relocation and runaway relocation costs can turn what could be a smooth move into a difficult and stressful experience.

    Here are 5 key things to consider to make your moving and Austin relocation an overall stress free experience:

    1. Whenever you make the final decision to move, consider the possible changes in living costs in the new area. Things like utility costs, commuting costs (there can be as much as .50 a gallon or more in gas costs state to state) or higher state and local taxes all can take a big bite out of a new salary. You want to be sure that you can afford to live in the new area, and that your new job will pay you accordingly or if moving to retire, won’t eat up your planned retirement income. Don’t forget to factor in all the relocation costs of the move. Is it a corporate relocation with a relocation package and everything reimbursed or are you going to be paying for the moving van and everything associated with the move?
    2. After you’ve made the decision, make a checklist, with as accurate as possible calendar of all the things you need to do. For example, important documents such as warranties, tax records, receipts, medical records, genealogy documents are just some of the items that should be set aside and kept safe. Get referrals from you doctor and dentist on professionals at your new location. Establish a bank account at the new location (maybe you’ll get lucky and you present bank has a branch in your new area).
    3. Hire a moving company with a great reputation. Ask friends and have the prospective moving company give you the names of three recent customers. Call the customers to get their experiences. Problems, how were they solved? Did the company back up their promises? Check with the BBB. If the company is not competent enough, you might end up in a long drawn out mess. Have all the costs and payment methods in writing and upfront. You don’t want to have the moving company damage your belongings with no quick method of getting the item fixed or you compensated for the loss. Most moves occur in the summer, so if possible try to move at other times of the year. You will be more likely to have the first team making your move.
    4. If you are going to lease a home in Austin, you may not want to cancel your existing lease too soon. Your travel date may be postponed or some other unplanned contingency may come up. You will end up sleeping on the street. Build in some extra time in your moving plans. Also, if you own a home, don’t make the closing timeline to tight. If possible, make the relocation first and then go back for the closing later. Build some time into your moving plan so the new home is vacant for the time it would take for you to remove wallpaper, paint, and have carpeting replaced or floors refinished. (Nothing raises more havoc with the new move than having to move furniture while you paint and do other renovations.)
    5. If you’re looking to buy a new home in Austin, contact the real estate professionals at Forte Properties. We understand that relocating to a new area can be a confusing, emotional, and sometimes difficult process. So we use the most professional and effective techniques possible to find your new home and conclude the transaction quickly, efficiently, and with customer service that is second to none. Our goal is to make all of our Austin relocation clients feel welcome and supported as they transfer to the Austin area. Our extensive knowledge of the many communities of the greater Austin area, the schools, churches, shopping and commutes, allows us to help our relocation clients choose their new home wisely, and we provide the real estate expertise and hands-on assistance to make their purchase safe and trouble-free.

    Follow the above 5 tips in getting started on your relocation to the Austin area and you’ve made a good beginning toward a smooth stress free move.

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