How To Purchase Owner Financed Homes in Austin Texas

    One option that few people think about is Owner Financing when they are looking for a home. Today, more than ever, this is an option that needs to be explored. Face it, the banks are just not lending money like they used to anymore and this can mean that those who want to buy homes are forced to rent because they cannot qualify for a mortgage. Those who are looking for Austin Real Estate can go online and take a look at the listings in which the Owner is willing to Finance. You do not even have to leave your home in order to do this, you can do so right from your computer or other internet capable device. (Search Austin homes for sale and Owner Financed homes in Austin.) Once you take a look at the options that are out there you can see what you like as well as what type of home you can afford to buy.

    The next step when it comes to buying Austin Real Estate is to contact Forte Properties. They have the largest searchable database of Owner Financed Homes in Austin Texas and surrounding areas and once you find one that you can afford you can then go in and take a look at the property. It is best to take a look at the property before you actually commit so you will want to make sure that you have the time to do so and schedule this accordingly with the Realtor for a time when you will be in the area. This aspect of home buying is just like any other type of home buying. The Realtor will most likely ask you if you can afford the home and the payments that the seller is offering and make sure that you are qualified for such a purchase. (See typical Owner Financed home buying qualifications here.)

    Once you decide upon a home, then you make an offer on it. However, because the home is being financed by the owner, you do not have the same negotiating powers that you would if you were buying for cash or obtaining traditional financing, for example. But there are other things that you can negotiate in addition to price. You may not be able to go in with a really low offer for the home to steal it away from a desperate seller, but you can work with the seller when it comes to the sort of financing they can offer you as well as the rate that you will pay.

    After you have come to terms with the seller (a negotiating process that the experts at Forte Properties handle for you) then you can close on the property once all of the paperwork is in. This is like an ordinary closing – a buyer should get title insurance as well as a survey from the seller although who pays for what can also be negotiated. A real estate attorney draws up all of the legal documents and is a good person to have look over the documents for you when you are signing any sort of mortgage and note that the seller will provide. In most cases, the seller will also have an attorney and your attorney and theirs can work to make sure that the rights of both parties are protected in the transaction. After you own the property, you simply make payments to the seller or third party loan servicing company on a monthly basis, just as you would if you purchased a home and secured a bank loan.

    Yes, it’s as easy as it sounds! Get started today and search the LARGEST inventory of Owner Financed homes in Austin Texas!

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