What To Look For When Buying New Homes in Austin, Texas

    The incentives available on new homes in Austin, Texas are designed to appeal to home buyers who really like the idea of purchasing new homes in Austin or even a new condo which has never been occupied and may be customized to fit their needs and way of life. Naturally, it truly is risky to invest in a property which has not even been constructed, but you have the ability to acquire the brand new Austin homes of your dreams for a substantial savings without having to come up with a large down payment.

    Developers offer Austin pre-construction home deals with down payments as little as 5% while the balance is paid in increments throughout building. For buyers in Austin homes provides an great opportunity to start making payments on a property at a lower than typical interest rate even though it increases in value every day. Together with the appropriate conditions, new homes in Austin can sell for up to 200 percent profit in a seller’s market in as little as two years, however in a buyer’s market it may take as long as 5 years for your revenue margin to increase.

    In order to determine if an Austin pre-construction home purchase is a smart one, you’ll want to thoroughly study the builder’s character. It is a smart decision to only meet with builders who have experience with selling Austin pre-construction homes and may provide personal references of prior home buyers so it is possible to see how satisfied they are with the transaction. Make sure the Austin home builder is a member of a professional Home Builders Assoc. which has set up a strict Code of Ethics defining fair practice procedures for working with buyers and companies who supply materials. Also, be aware that if the Austin home builder shows the kind of stability needed that if your new Austin home suffers from problems, it is possible to seek restitution or have issues repaired under builder warranty.

    The Austin real estate market takes in to account the possible return on investment available with Austin area pre-construction home deals. As with every real estate investment, location is everything and you need to figure out if the lot offered by the home builder will likely be of reasonable value if you decide to sell. Also, see if completely new subdivisions are slated to be built close by and consider that many home buyers will likely be steered away from homes which are much older by the attraction of being able to purchase a brand new home. You also want to determine the price per square foot to ensure you are going to have the ability to compete with comparable properties in the area for used houses.

    As you can see there are many advantages of purchasing new homes in Austin, Texas or even pre-construction homes. If you are thinking about getting in to the market of purchasing a new construction home in Austin, contact Forte Properties in Austin, Texas and ask about our free Buyer Representation service.

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