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    How Important are Good Photos When Selling Your House in Austin?

    99% of buyers are searching for Austin Texas homes for sale online. What will online buyers base their first impressions of your home on? It’s photos. If your home’s listing has professional photos and there are numerous photos, your home will create a dynamite first impression.

    If it has bad photos (dark lit rooms, partial views of rooms, car in the driveway, photo of the commode with its toilet seat up), buyers will and do say “next house”. When the months of inventory for the Austin Texas real estate market is three months or less, you can get away with bad photos because buyers have less choices. But with months of inventory sitting at 7+, this is not the time for bad photos… that is if you are serious about getting your Austin house sold.

    [note title=”Dear Home Sellers,”]A buyer’s market can be a stressful time for homeowners, but it can also be a time period of innovation by the industry’s strongest leaders. The selling strategies that worked last year simply won’t work anymore. It is absolutely critical to have the best marketing plan in place for any Real Estate listing.

    High-quality photography of your home, property, or listing is an absolutely essential piece of your marketing solution, and Forte properties knows how to showcase your property in the best light. Most realtors take their own photographs, resulting in amateur, grainy pictures that can offer an unflattering or boring depiction of the property. For best results and maximum exposure, professional photography is absolutely necessary. Professional photos of your Austin property can be the difference between selling your house and watching your listing languish unnoticed. Boring homes that do not inspire are simply forgotten.

    Professionally yours,

    Forte Properties
    Sell Your Austin House Fast

    Real estate is local, but the importance of good photography in promoting and selling your house in Austin is universal. Watch the video below to hear what Carnie Stein, Broker Associate with Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty has to say about the role photography plays in selling homes.

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    • Sammie Clemmons

      Written on

      Pictures are extremely important! People will decide whether a house is interesting enough to them based on those pictures– and you can bet that clutter and rooms overstuffed with furniture take away from the value of a home in buyer’s eyes. In other words, you may be selling your house short of it’s full potential.

      Even in our appraisal business, it is important to take good and accurate photographs that represent the true condition of the home.


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