Assignment of Mortgage Payments Texas

    Mortgage assignments in Austin and surrounding areas of Central Texas are a unique solution that allows sellers to sell their difficult (or seemingly impossible) to sell home, fast… and LEGALLY! A mortgage assignment is perfect for homeowners that need to sell, but can’t afford to because of the amount owed on the home, condition of the home, etc. This is a perfect alternative to a short sale and can be completed in just a fraction of the time!

    What is an Austin Mortgage Assignment of Payments?

    When a buyer agrees to make payments on the seller’s mortgage going forward in exchange for full legal ownership of the property, that is called a mortgage assignment. It’s a very fast and simple process that should only be completed using the assistance from experienced real estate professionals to ensure it’s done 100% legal and hassle free.

    Today, most mortgages are not assumable. Therefore, the professionals at Forte Properties can utilize an effective process to assign the loan(s)/lien(s) to a qualified buyer for almost any home. Anyone can make payments on someone else’s mortgage and as long as those payments are made in full and on time, the lender will consider the loan to be performing. In many cases, we already have buyers who have sufficient income and down payments needed to purchase your house today!


    Over 90% of buyers go straight to the internet when looking for a home. We have a team of expert internet marketers that will get your house the exposure it needs to sell. We also have an extensive list thousands of active buyers strong that are waiting for the perfect home. If you need to sell fast, we know exactly what it takes to make it happen.


    We have reputable credit repair companies that we work with every day that are dedicated on preparing you for the day you need to refinance. Don’t just think about the day you get the keys… think about your future also. We also have the insurance companies in place that know how to structure your policy to ensure your new home is 100% covered!

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